How The Car Rental Business Operates

Car hire services are provided by specialised companies which operate a designated business model that serves the needs of both service providers and clients. They are rather important for the proper function a wide range or other industries, including tourism and entertainment. So having rent-a-car companies that can be trusted, and more importantly – knowing how to differentiate the really reputable ones from the fakes, is a rather important matter. The framework for all models is relatively similar (you can easily compare car rental companies to check for yourself), however there are specifics and exceptions (variations) in the precise method and layout of service provision. Continue reading

Riding The Bus or the Taking The Underground in London?

For a city with one of the finest Underground networks London sure has a very busy street traffic. Both buses and The Tube (this is how London Underground is also known) are exceptionally crowded. They do have their particular advantages and disadvantages, however, depending on what you are trying to do. For example a tourist might want to travel around London in one way while a busy working native will prefer another means of transportation. Continue reading

Historic light and mid-sizes vans

Light and mid-sized commercial vehicles have gone a long way since their creation. Throughout the years automotive companies have manufactured vans and various sizes which can haul all types of goods from point A to point B. But which are the best commercial vehicles in history? If you have ever asked yourself this question, keep reading because we will turn your attention towards some of the finest vans to ever be produced. Continue reading

Awesome facts about Japan

Japan is one of the world’s most popular and visited countries. It is described by travelers as an odd but extremely interesting place which everybody should visit at least once in his lifetime. The country is responsible for some of the most amazing inventions in human history and its population is known for its unrivaled sense of duty, honour and discipline. Despite its fame, the truth is that people know very little about the “Land of the Rising Sun” and this is why we decided to present to you several little known but amazing facts about Japan and its culture.

Rabbit Island

Believe it or not but there is a Japanese island (Ōkunoshima) which is home to an extremely large population of rabbits. The animals were intentionally set free after the end of the World War II in honour of all the bunnies which were kept in captivity at a local weapon’s factory and used as test subjects for chemical weapons. The island is one of the country’s most visited touristic destination. Tourists are always welcomed by large groups of bunnies which aim to get some food from their visitors. Some travelers even tend to lay on the ground and allow the rabbits to crawl all over them.

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Tips for saving money off rail travel

TicketNow there is no need to tell you that traveling by train in the UK is never the cheapest way to move from one place to another. Prices of train tickets start off pretty high and they continue to rise depending on the schedule. Naturally, the most expensive tickets are those in the peak hours of the day and week. There are however several ways to beat the system, e.g. get your train fare ticket and do so on a price that will not lead to you filing for bankruptcy. Let’s have a look at several tips:
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Some of the Quietest and Busiest Railway Stations in the United Kingdom

There are numerous train stations that serve the United Kingdom and connect different areas and cities to one another. Here are several of the busiest and quietest rail hubs in the country.

Shippea Hill StationShippea Hill Railway Station – Founded as Midenhall Road in 1845, this train link is the quietest in the United Kingdom as it provides transportation to an estimate of 20 passengers per year. The station serves the National Railway Network and is positioned on the Breckland Line. It is classified as a request stop, which means that passengers must specifically tell to the conductor or driver that they are going to descent at Shippea Hill. It also one of the few railway stations in the country that is closed on Sunday.

Birmingham New Street Railway Station – Located in Birmingham, this station is one of the busiest in the country and the busiest outside of London. It is the largest rail hub in the city and was established during the mid-19th century. From 2010 to 2015 it was the subject of a major redevelopment project which modernised and optimised the customer service. According to the latest number the station is used by over 35 million people on a yearly basis. It serves both the National Railway Network and the Midland Metro.
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Self Driving Lorries – Not a Thing of the Distant Future Anymore

TrucksA couple of years back self-driving Lorries became a kind of a hot-topic in UK’s transport industry. The conversation began in relation to the then-new experiments by companies such as Google and later on Tesla with self-driving cars. Naturally, transport companies, and we at AVIS UK, as well saw an opportunity for development of the industry thanks to the new technology. It was believed that self-driving Lorries are not a thing of the distant future but rather something we are going to have the opportunity to test any minute now. The most optimistic prognosis was for the launch date of the first test-drives to be some time in April 2015. This did not happen, but The Times has recently reported that Chancellor George Osborne is going to confirm funding for the self-driving trucks project within March’s budget announcement. This could simply mean one thing – that later this year we can now expect our nation’s highways to be opened to autonomously operated trucks. This is exciting news for everyone.

The technology lying behind self-driving Lorries is primarily the same one as with Google’s and Tesla’s self-driving cars. The principle in which they are to be used is also pretty simple. There will be a group of Lorries, most probably as many as ten at a time that are going to be driven by the new technology. Not a single one of these vehicles will require a driver with an exception to the one that is going to be on the front of the convoy. The Lorries will move with just a meter or two distance from each other thus creating a sort of a caravan which would be perfect for transportation of large quantities of goods on both short and long distances.
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