UK’s Favourite Type of Transport

Great Britain can pride itself on having one of the most sophisticated and well-functioning public transport systems and road networks in the world. It comes as no surprise that residents and guests of the UK take full advantage of various types of transport, public and personal every day. Since every mode of transport being public or personal, has its pros and cons, which are the most preferred types of getting about?

CarAt the moment, it seems that driving a car is still the most preferred mode of getting around for people in Great Britain. Having said this, the actual usage of cars is changing in terms of distance and duration. The ever growing costs of running and keeping a car on the road are changing the way people use their cars. For instance, in recent years cars are used more for medium and long distance trips, rather than short distance ones for which people tend to rely more on public transport. The industry behind running and keeping own vehicle has not slowed down or retracted, mechanic shops, transport companies like, as well as various vehicle insurers have sustained their market presence despite changes in the way people use their cars today. People opt for using a car over public transport mostly out of pure convenience. Short distance trips done in cars are mostly for day to day things like shopping for the household, whereas long distance car trips are preferred when some luggage needs to be moved from one spot to another.
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