Fascinating facts about the London Underground rail network

The London Underground is the world’s first underground railway network. Today it is one of the largest and busiest metro systems on the planet and this is why we have decided to present to you several interesting and little known facts about the London Underground.

  1. The London Underground began operations on the 10th of January, 1863. It has been functioning for over 150 years and is officially the world’s oldest still working metro network.
  2. It comprises of a total of eleven lines which have a length of over 400 kilometres. The metro system is served by 270 tube stations of which 260 are owned by the London Underground. According to the latest number it is the 11th busiest underground network on the planet with an estimate of 1.3 billion passengers per year.
  3. The average speed on the London Underground is approximately 33 kilometres per hour. On the Metropolitan Line however, trains can reach a speed of 96.5 kilometres per hour.
  4. The tube stations of Covent Garden and Leicester Square sit on the Piccadilly Line and are located at 260 metres from one another. It is the shortest distance between two adjacent stations and the trip between them take about 20 seconds.
  5. London undergroundAngle Tube Station in the Borough of Islington has the longest escalator in the London Underground. It is 60 metres long and has a vertical rise of 27.5 metres. It is also the 4th longest moving staircase in Western Europe. The shortest escalator is situated at Stratford Station and has a vertical rise of 4.1 metres.
  6. The Hampstead Tube Station serves the Northern Line and is the deepest station in the London Underground network. It is located at approximately 60 metres below ground level.
  7. The District Line is served by the most tube stations: 60. The Waterloo & City Line on the other hand has the fewest station: 2.