Hollywood’s Strange Obsession with Handymen

Have you noticed that many Hollywood movies and hit TV shows have at last one handyman character who is always ready to save the day and to sweep one his female customers off of her feet? For some reason, this seems to be a popular profession on the small and big screens and this has been the case for many years now. But why is the Mecca of the film industry so obsessed with handymen?

Celebrities who rose to fame portraying a handyman

Even though most handyman roles in Hollywood do not tend to be very central to the storyline, they often end up being quite memorable. Many male actors received the viewers’ and critics’ stamp of approval only after they did a handyman role.

Harrison Ford used to be a carpenterActor James Denton got some of his first movie jobs during the 1990s one of which was a small role in the modern classic Face/Off with Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. However, the role that transformed his life and finally put him under the limelight was that of handyman Mike Delfino in the hit TV series Desperate Housewives.  Although the actor was in his 40s when he started portraying the character, Denton quickly became one of the most recognisable cast members from the production.

Believe it or not but the career story of actor John Corbett is almost identical to that of James Denton. Even though Corbett was part of a number of great movies and TV shows in his 20s and 30s, including the 1997 film Volcano starring Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche, the actor finally landed his big break in 2000 when he was given the role of carpenter Aiden Shaw in the TV series Sex and the City. The handy carpenter, who almost made Carrie forget Mr Big, shot Corbett to the top securing him more great roles in productions like The Burning Plain (2008) and, more recently, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016).

What is it with handymen?

While it can’t be said that portraying a handyman in a TV or film production will provide a struggling actor with a shortcut to stardom, there is certainly something about this profession that wins points of admiration but that certainly isn’t the pay check. A research has found that the true power and charisma of handymen is linked to women or, more specifically, to the fact that women find men who are handy with tools attractive. According to the survey, DIY skills top the list of qualities which ladies find irresistible in a guy.

Hottest traits in a man, according to women:

  1. DIY home repair skills
  2. Good at sports
  3. Ability to cook
  4. Excellent driving skills
  5. Good finance management abilities
  6. Generous gift buyers

When asked specifically about handymen, the majority of women share that they find them attractive because the stereotypical qualities associated with these professionals involve a wide range of repair skills, practical thinking, resourcefulness and etc.

Stereotypical qualities of a handyman Why women like it
DIY home repair skills A well-maintained home means less of a burden.
Resourcefulness Can be counted on for everything.
Frugality Reduce household repair and maintenance expenses.
Masculinity A must-have quality in a guy.


Handyman who became stars

Friends actor Matt LeBlanc comes from a family of handymenGiven that women find handyman so attractive, it is hardly surprising that some well-known actors who are famous for their charm and alpha-male qualities have worked as handymen before making their way to Hollywood. Harrison Ford, for instance, was a professional carpenter when he got the role of Han Solo in Star Wars. Ford has shared on a number of occasions that the only reason why he decided to try out as an actor was that his job as a handyman did not pay well and he needed to make some extra cash.

Similar to his colleague Harrison Ford, Friends actor Matt LeBlanc also used to work as a carpenter. Coming from a family with long traditions in the tradesman’s profession, LeBlanc even thought at one point that this will be the only job that he would ever get to do. Luckily, he grew bored of the workshop job and went off to become an actor.

Celebrities who used to work as handyman:

  • Tom Selleck – general handyman
  • Harrison Ford – carpenter
  • Ozzy Osbourne – plumber’s apprentice
  • Michael Caine – plumber’s assistant
  • Matt LeBlanc – carpenter
  • Joe Cocker – gasfitter and plumber

Your handyman might be the next big thing

Finding a good handyman is much like finding a suitable actor for a movie role. You must research the options you have and find a professional who is perfect for the job. For instance, if you need assistance for some odd jobs around the house, you should hire a multitrader. However, if the task at hand is more complex and specialised like building kitchen cupboards from scratch, you will definitely need to find a pro that specialises in carpeting. Although most Hollywood stars who are former handymen were usually self-employed, it is preferable to use the services of a reliable company that works with trained handymen. Such businesses offer better deals, more flexibility and comprehensive insurance. Plus, they are more likely to be properly licensed compared to a freelance home repair man. Discuss your needs and requirements at length with the service provider so that you get a solution that is effective, fast and adequate. Just like a seasoned actor, a handyman has to be creative, skilled, adaptive and reliable. Plus, they need be fully equipped. So, find yourself true handymen in London who are all these things. Only then will you enjoy excellent results.

Handymen have always been popular on both the small and the big screen. However, if you are planning on doing some repairs around the house, don’t rely on Hollywood for inspiration. Even celebrities like Tom Selleck and Harrison Ford who have had some experience in the business are not likely to give you a hand as they are too busy making movies and red carpet appearances. Still, now that you know how handy many of the film A-listers are, you may start looking at your own handyman through different eyes. Who knows you may actually spot him on your TV someday.