Riding The Bus or the Taking The Underground in London?

For a city with one of the finest Underground networks London sure has a very busy street traffic. Both buses and The Tube (this is how London Underground is also known) are exceptionally crowded. They do have their particular advantages and disadvantages, however, depending on what you are trying to do. For example a tourist might want to travel around London in one way while a busy working native will prefer another means of transportation.

London BusesIn reality London’s bus network is very well developed and it can be very convenient. The best part is that you can travel with the same ticket again within one hour. You can also get passes for a day, a week, a month or a year. London buses or trams allow children which are younger than 11 to travel for free. Now this is the good part. What you perhaps do not realise is that you will be likely stuck in traffic for the most time in Central London. If you are tourist you will probably not mind all this. But people who want to reach their work places or homes in London are not entirely happy with the speed of the on-the-ground transport. Furthermore a bus journey allows a tourist to enjoy London’s atmosphere for longer.

Going for the more efficient means of transportation is not always the most suitable choice

The Tube is obviously way more efficient and since it reaches almost every corner of London it is also very convenient. South London is the area which doesn’t have a very well-developed Underground network but there are trains there to compensate. Tourists rarely get on the Tube because it deprives them from the opportunity to take photos and enjoy the streets of London. Choose whatever suits your travel needs in every particular situation. Just be on the watch for TfL strikes as employees sometimes do walkouts.